Sodvin Systemer springs from the IT department at what used to be Hemne Kraftlag SA. The daughter company ASPnor was established on 2nd January 2009, and merged with Nortrim AS two years later. Sodvin Systemer got their new name in the beginning of 2018 when the mother company and all the daughter companies changed their name and profile. The company has 12 very qualified employees, and is growing. Sodvin Systemer is located in Kyrksæterøra in Trøndelag, but has costumers all over the country.

Cloud services

Vi offer cloud service meaning that competent IT professionals will handle the traditional IT-related tasks in a company, and every program is operated from the cloud service's servers. This is favorable for companies with high standards concerning data security and uptime. Sodvin Systemer has a very flexible solution that safeguards the costumer's changing needs, and one only pays for the solutions one has use for at all times. We offer remote assistance and training for the costumer's employees.

Developing software solutions

We develop software solutions that provide our costumers with overview and control.

Xakt Medlem: A complete member system especially costumized for the fitness center industry, but it is also used in other industries.
Xakt Økonomi: A system that presents web-based accounting data in an easily understandable and intuitive way. You always have access to updated information, wherever you are.
Xakt Time: A scalable timesheet solution that can be costumized to fit the costumer's needs. Direct integration for payroll systems and advanced hierarchy and level control.
Tailored software: Where there are no standard solutions, we help the costumer develop tools that cover their needs.

In addition, we offer hourly advice and consultancy within the IKT field.


Our costumers come from all over the country, and from different industries. Among other things, we work towards the power industry and the health sector, industries that set extra requirements for both uptime and security. We have our own support departments, and are able to give every costumer quick and personal service.


We are working towards meeting the requirements for ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system.

Our quality policy is:
To deliver products and services that satisfy our costumers' requirements, needs and expectations.
To make sure our employees have the necessary information and training in our quality system so that they can use this in their everyday work.
To fulfill all requirements of regulations and laws that concern our business.

The board of Sodvin Systemer AS is responsible for the development and implementing of the quality policy. The top management will promote the use of procedural thinking and risk-based approach.